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The COEXIST Game Room is perfect for kids too!

Showcasing multiple systems, multi-adapter custom arcades with thousands of video games, board games, pool and foosball tables, color themed rooms, LED lighting and food & beverage menus! LEVEL UP and RSVP for our monthly KIDS event, you won't find a cooler play that your kids will love! 


In light of the pandemic, we have implemented several cleanliness practices that eradicate the COEXIST Game House of virus’, bacteria, aphids and the like with microbial UV lights and have placed sanitation pumps in every station, in every room, on both floors. We welcome you to join us weekly for fun, lounging, career opportunities and a place to vibe. View our calendar for details and learn more about our events, classes and membership benefits beginning this summer.


Come out and experience a fun day of over 4000 games, modern and retro! Parents get to kick back with your kids as they enjoy Fortnite, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. just to name a few. Introducing our Fortnite Tournament with a $50 CASH PRIZE! Join in the fun with interactive parent and kid gaming experiences.


Snacks and beverages included with ticket. Ages 8 to 17 are welcomed and children younger than 8 require parental supervision especially when playing all games.