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Our resident superheros, our team is comprised of engineers, artists, gamers and brilliant minds who have build a community based marketplace for growth. By curating inclusive gaming experiences where tournaments are won, educational workshops are taught, wellness is highlighted and talent is celebrated, coexisting has become a resident art-form. With such unique vantage points as both creatives and analytical minds, they capture the gamer's need to be social gaming while preserving the integrity of the gamer's experience. Coexisting is an art, and it starts right here.


Jaye (Letta J)

Founder & CEO of Coexist Gaming. Gamer. FGC Champ.

Artistically known as Letta J. Grammy Nominated.

Recording Artist. Songwriter. Anime Obsessed. Afro-Latina. Executive Chef. Wine Enthusiast. Foodie. Leftie. Tatted.

Author. Educator. Activist.



Events Coordinator Extraordinaire.

Creative to the Core.

Little Ball of Unicorn Dust.

Mother. Latina. Queens Native.

Lover of Bespoke Cocktails.

Fancy nights in Paris.

Spectator as her daughter plays Roblox.



Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Decoy Games. All Around Gamer.

Award Winning Game Developer. Philanthropist. Boston Raised. Celtics Lifer. Pro-Soccer player in another life. Infrequent Anime Spectator. Hoodie lover.

1/2 Island boi. Jamaican.




Former CEO of Crypto / Blockchain company. Successful Exit. Resident Parisian. Smart Ass. Philanthropist. NFT Innovator. Tree Hugger. Lover of all things environment and green. Including money.Vagabond. Appreciator of all things culture. Loyal friend. Almost gamer.


Jarvis Broughton

Real Estate Guru. Resident Connector. Innovator in Atlanta. Winner in 2K. Self-professed contender against Jaye in Tekken.


YiYi Zhang

Game Developer. Community Organizer. International Attorney. Complete bad ass. Philanthropist. Amazing Human. Awesome. Mom.


Sarah Meadows

Game Developer.

PC Gamer. Educator. Unicorn. Kind Soul. Builder of awesome stuff. Super incredible human.

Samantha Strelitz.jpg

Samantha Strelitz

Voice Actress. Gamer. Speaker. Curator of Awesome Ideas. Bad Ass. Kind person. Nature lover.

Protector of the realm.


Adesina Sanchez

Journalist. Gamer. TV Show Hosts. Game Designer. Broadcast Bad Ass. Amazing Human. Visual Artist. Former Music. RockStar. Afro-Latina.


HipHop Gamer

Award Winning Journalist. Hip Hop Artist. Video Game Character in real life. Brand Ambassador. Transformer of narratives. We all love his "Grandmoms" too.


Lance Counts

Media, Stream & Broadcast. Former Cheddar Esports Media Head. Software Guru. Gamer. Lover of being behind the camera. Capturer of magic. 


Bea Salandy

Event Planning Extraordinaire. Program Director. Chef. Community Leader. Brand Partner. Beautiful Soul.


Derek Jones

Private Equity focus on providing service and funding to women and minority investment managers. Advised clients on complex domestic and international mergers. Acquisitions in the technology. Food and beverage. Logistics. Manufacturing sectors.


Len Burnette

Media & Magazine Guru.

Former Publisher of Vibe Magazine. Vice President of Vanguard Media.

Co-Founder of Uptown Media. Lives to help brands reach affluent African Americans audiences.

Restauranteur. Respected human. 


Dayo Babalola

Accomplished Architect for over 30 years. Community Development Projects. Early Learn Development Centers in New York City. Lead for local non-profit agencies to develop a variety of new affordable and supportive housing projects in the region. 


Jennifer Iannolo

Founder of Imperia. Empowered Bad Ass. International Keynote Speaker. Global Innovation Incubator for Women.

US State Department Featured Expert: Women's Entrepreneurship.

The Advisors

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