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Dec 11-18, 2021

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Development is as creative as it is technical and the creative aspects of development are more creative than acknowledged. Empowering game devs by encouraging collaborative development, enables them to build better games in an innovative co-working environment (our game house) and expand the perspective of how video games are achieved. Our mission is to highlight the intricacies of how video games are developed and expand the realm of competitive gaming in the process.

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This is a week long game jam (from Saturday to Saturday) where teams compete to create a:

  • Competitive Game

  • Integrated with Challonge API

  • Made in Unity



The goal is to AUGMENT and ACCELERATE. The team matters. 

Enabling multiple people to all cooperatively work on their respective proficiencies, augments the product and accelerates the time frame of rendering a better video game. 

When: Sat, Dec 11 to Sat, Dec 18, 2021 (see itinerary for more details)

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  • Best Music in Game

  • Best Visuals

  • Best Narrative


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The winner will receive cash & products prizes and be determined by our expert panel of judges according to these categories:
  • Competitive game design

  • Use of Challonge integration

  • Visual style

  • Audio quality

  • Most importantly: In order to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE, the Challonge API has to be successfully integrated in your game and it can only be used in Unity.

The winner will be announced during the showcase & awards ceremony on December 18, 2021.

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To qualify for this Game Jam, your team must include the following participants: 

  • 1 Unity Dev (can use other engineers, programmers, coders but game must be built in Unity)

  • 1 Project Manager (PM), Producer or Creative Lead

  • 1 Visual Artist

  • 1 Game Designer

  • There are Coexist Gaming members in a Talent Pool that will be present on the initial Game Jam day both in person and virtually to leverage.

  • There is no age requirement to participate however if under the age of 18, parental or legal guardian must approve participation.


Code of conduct

  • Treat each other with respect.

  • Be mindful of your speech and behavior towards others, especially when disagreeing.

  • Harassment or abuse of any form will not be tolerated.

  • Use appropriate profile images and names when establishing profiles on Coexist Create site.

  • Do not send unsolicited private messages to anyone.

  • Do not share sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or otherwise disturbing content.

  • Do not disclose personal information about anyone other than yourself.

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Saturday, December 11, 2021, 3pm EST

1pm: Meet n Greet at Coexist Game House and virtually on Discord (please log onto the Coexist Dev Exp Discord)

2pm: DEV EXP Game Jam Introduction

2:30pm: Challonge (Logitech Company) Founders Keynote address

3pm: Breakout Sessions to form teams

4pm: Team Assembly Announcement

  • Teams have access to Coexist Game House daily from 9am to 5pm EST to assemble, work and dev.


  • Food & drinks will be available throughout as well as several rooms, multiple floors for breakout and think tank sessions.

  • Pirate Studios will be providing music studios and rehearsal spaces for Talent Pool to congregate in order to create music, have writing or jam sessions in order to render creative contributions to the games.

  • The Game Jam will last for 8 days (from Saturday to Saturday) starting at 4 pm EST (once teams are formed) on December 11, 2021. All game submissions must be in enter onto website no later than 12am midnight EST, Friday, December 17, 2021.


  • The Showcase will begin at 4pm. Developer & Team interviews will begin upon arrival.

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Game submissions:
  • Qualified games must be played on a PC, Mobile and/or playable through a web browser

  • The game project must be started and fully completed within the Game Jam’s designated period, from 1pm EST December 11th - 3am EST December 18th, 2021

Submissions must include:
  • Game Name

  • Each team member’s name and email address

  • Game file - You need to upload your game to your account page before you can submit it to the Game Jam page

  • A link to 30 - 120 seconds of gameplay footage

  • Game file - You must upload your game to and provide a link to it so the judges can play it. Please upload either a build that can be played on a PC or through a web browser

  • Submissions must NOT contain sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or otherwise disturbing content

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1. Fill out Google Form (Join Now button below)

2. Join Our Discord

3. Submit your game idea (Form link to submit idea)

4. Visit Coexist Game House at 524 Evergreen Ave, Unit 1, Brooklyn, NY 11221

* If you are attending only virtually, please be mindful of Discord bulletins and announcements for all event proceedings

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