The search toward finding all of the resources you need to build a video game is a daunting one to put it lightly. Our aim is to consolidate your development needs from A to Z by enabling our members in the gaming community to share their expertise that covers the gamut of gaming with those who need it most! So whether you are a provider of services and skills or in search of the providers and creators, we are eager to coexist with you by providing opportunities for others to connect with you.

Dramatic Profile



Grammy Nominated Recording Artist



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Where can we here your music :

What musical service do you create or provide: 

Songwriter, Composer, Vocals

If you're a musician, what instruments do you play:

Bowed, Stringed, Guitar Family

What genres of music do you consider yourself proficient in

J-Pop, Gregorian Chant | Plainchant, Acid Jazz, Chillstep, Epic | Anthemic, Opera, Hip-Hop, R&B

Interested In Working :

Free Lance

If you're a vocalist, how would you best describe your vocal register and sound :

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Mezzo Soprano, Contralto

Message :

I love everything that Coexist Gaming represents!

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