Featuring multi-player FORTNITE and PUBG stations!

Saturday, September 29, the COEXIST Gaming team created the BATTLE of the battle royals! Ever heard of a little game called Fortnite? How about player unknowns battlegrounds famously known as Pubg? Let the bragging rights begin! We have set up the ultimate survival station. 4 tvs. 4 systems. 4 players. Only one team can survive! We are also bringing back some good ole classic halo multiplayer madness.

Along with the wonderful battle royal experience we are bringing back our classic COEXIST stations; from our custom arcade stations to the Smash Bros/Mario Kart Nintendo room. We are excited to announce the addition of Virtual Reality as we partner with Samsung and Jump into the Light. 

Join us Sept 29th for gaming greatness, great music, great drinks, beer pong, and the unforgettable cannabis infused pizza and sodas provided by Stoned Pizza NYC.

Let the bragging rights begin!

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