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The COEXIST Game House is perfect for your next private event!

With multiple systems, multi-adapter custom arcades with over 4000 video games, board games, pool and foosball tables, color themed rooms, LED lighting, food & beverage menus & catering options!

Book only if you're ready for your party to LEVEL UP! 

Custom packages and catering are available upon request. 

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Options for additional rooms and floors available in drop down menu.


Want to celebrate your special occasion in an exclusive, speakeasy vibe with gaming experiences literally everywhere? We've hosted the most awesome surprise and traditional birthday parties, networking events, company milestones and private dinners at the Game Room Lounge. Highlighting over 4000 video games across various systems, a pool table, foosball, card and board games and more!


Created for our gaming community, we're now making it available to you for events and parties like none other. There's even a backyard for more lounging, digital basketball and more! The Game Room Lounge is ideal for parties of no more than 50 people (including the backyard, smokers welcomed). Step into a gaming experience unlike any other where the vibes are right, the music is flowing and the energy is contagious.


* No one is allowed to stand behind actual bars or prep stations but our staff


In cases of emergency, exceptions can be made if the event is at least more than one week from your event date but this exception is not guaranteed as we turn down several inquiries after a booking has been secured.

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(downstairs) for Private Events includes:

Nintendo Lounge (Switch: Mario Kart + Smash Brothers)

5 CRT's: Sega Saturn, Original XBox, Nintendo 64, NES (Duck Hunt Light Gun Game), Sega Dreamcast

The Colosseum Station: PS 2, 3 or 4, XBox One

Picture Light w/COEXIST Gaming Backdrop

7ft x 18 inch table for food & beverages & cake setup

(2) 40 inch x 14 inch Tables for Gift, Prop & Party favors

Lounging area, (10) folding chairs, (4) high chairs

$100 per hour (4 hour minimum)

NOTE: NO hot or plated foods allowed in the game room



for Private Events includes:

Wall of over 1500 games featuring:

XBox 360, NES Mini, Super NES Mini, both with over 700 games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle "Turtles In Time" Arcade

Modified Sega Genesis with every game released by Genesis (over 600 games)

(2) Prep Stations for buffet style food serving

Backyard with incandescent lighting highlighting:

Gazebo with lounge seating, (4) benches, (2) wicker bar stools

Wooden high bar, (1) 48 x 24 inch table, Wicker bar top only

$100 per hour (4 hour minimum)

NOTE: smoking is allowed in the backyard only

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(both floors) for Private Events include:

All Gaming listed in the TOP FLOOR + GAME ROOM listings

excluding the rooms.

Rooms are purchased separately and can be added for additional hourly fees.

Guests should bring all items needed to ensure the event is a success including supplies, foods, beverages, cutlery, bags, decor, ice and our hosts and managers will maintain cleanliness throughout.


$250 per hour (4 hour minimum)


NOTE: there is no food allowed in the game room and smoking is allowed in the backyard only

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(downstairs) for Private Events includes

Neo Geo with over 100 games

Marvel Superheros Arcade with

X-Men: Children of the Atom and The Punisher

Original Tekken Tag Arcade Cabinet

Moded Wii with several casual & interactive games

(2) director chairs for seating

(1) Ottoman

(1) Console table

$75 per hour (2 hour minimum)

* can be added to any TOP FLOOR or GAME HOUSE booking ONLY

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(2) PlayStation Consoles (either 1, 2, 3 or 4)

(2) TV Screens

(3) Oscillating wall mounted fans

Notorious B.I.G. Art

Lounging area with (2) small ottomans

(2) Armed Chairs

Blue lights and cyber punk vibes

$50 per hour (2 hour minimum)

* can be added to any TOP FLOOR or GAME HOUSE booking ONLY



Rules & Specs:


There is no smoking in the game room however the backyard is ideal for smoking.


Food and beverage are not permitted for consumption while playing video games to avoid spills and corruption of hardware.

- Outside foods/snacks and beverage are allowed but we must have advance notice to provide proper setup.

- Any bottles of wine, beers or otherwise can be placed in galvanized buckets and/or chillers that we provide with notice.

Guest will need to purchase ice and are welcomed to bring coolers for their own beverages.


There are auxiliary speakers available for music and are definitely loud enough for the space and Bluetooth speaker can be provided with advance notice.


- If you bring food and beverage, please bring plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, trash bags, ice and any decor pieces you want to curate your event aesthetic.

The time you book includes setup and breakdown.

- Please be mindful of how much time you need to setup (the space looks amazing as is just consider extra time if you have balloons or other decorations that take time to install).



- We provide all food and/or bar supplies if our food & beverage services are used. A retainer is required to secure bar services.

- We have to know in advance if you want us to provide our own food & bar services.

- Our bar is NOT required, you are welcomed to BYOB.

- You are welcomed to bring foods on appropriate floors.

The bar area is only available for use by our staff once procedures have been solidified to secure these services.

- There is no music aloud outside. DJ's are welcomed but are required to use our speakers only.

- An event manager is always present to answer any questions and assist with changing games and system inquiries.


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