Party Package includes multiple systems, 2-player arcade stations with an option to include food and beverage packages. The minimum party is 5 hours at $150/hour. Once this is paid, we will invoice the remaining per person amount.


$75 per person

$85 per person (food & bev pkg)


XBox One

PlayStation 4

Nintendo (GameCube | Classic | Super)

2 Player Arcade (Choice of Classic Fighters)

2 Player Arcade Station (over retro 2K Retro games)

4 Player LAN Setup (XBox One)

Sega Dreamcast | Genesis

Light Gun Games

Retro System Experience (40 inch CRT)


Choice of:

3 Hors'd Oeuvres

Open Bar (Liquor | Wine | Beer)

5 Hour Party Minimum - $150/hour

Gamer Heaven

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