The Space:

Welcome to 800 square feet of modern decor, positive energy and designer appeal right in central Brooklyn. Our beautiful space is ideal for any networking function, gallery event, tasting, panel or workshop for up to 30 people comfortably indoors and 30 people outdoors. (Quantities can be increased depending on clients comfort level with guests proximity to one another.) Want to add games to this cool environment? We've already beat you to it! With several screens, video gaming systems, casual cards, arcades and more, your guests will be overwhelmed at the myriad of entertainment options. If you want your guests to enter a space that will take their breath away with bright, posh and trendy decor choices, cleanliness and refinement, seamless service your search ends here. We go above and beyond to ensure our space meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


The Extras: Tons of natural lighting floods the space from the backyard with gazebo and wicker bar. There is a prep station available to serve food (buffet style with no one allowed behind the tables).


The Rooms: With endless convertibility, we also have additional rooms with colored themes (pictures available on separate listing) for additional fees per room.

Individual rooms are rented separately ($150 flat for the Green Room which has 3 Arcades and seating or the $100 for the Blue Room which has PlayStation systems and lounging).


Cleanliness & Staff: We take a lot of pride in keeping our space beautiful and making it available to our actual gaming community for use and others for private events. There are event managers present at every event to ensure all needs are met and to ensure any games that need to be changed are done so with care. We are essentially your assistants to help you so you can enjoy your event, keep your guests engaged and not have to worry about maintenance.


Bar Details: We have bars on both floors (downstairs bar is for a separate listing) and only our staff are allowed to work behind them. We only make drinks available upon requests. You DO NOT have to use our bar and are more than welcomed to bring your own beverages and foods and have guests serve themselves.


Music: There is no music provided outside. If you choose to bring speakers, all music outside has to be turned off at 10pm, no exceptions. The music can continue during your event hours. We generally allot half an hour to begin cleaning depending on how much was brought in for the setup to ensure guests are out by the end time so that no overage charges are assessed.


Hookahs: Setup, breakdown and usage of hookahs are only permitted outside in the backyard.


Additional Notes: Our basketball arcade and the Jumbo Connect 4 are NOT available for use during private events, only our company events. We have lots of outdoor furniture including benches and lounging chairs. So, the furniture indoors is NOT for outdoors and we maintain the integrity of our furniture by not using them interchangeably. Thank you for respecting our space and helping us keep it beautiful for you.

Top Floor ($100/hr + $100 cleaning fee)

Top Floor
Add Rooms
  • - If you bring food and beverage, please bring plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, trash bags, ice and any decor pieces you want to curate your event aesthetic.

    The time you book includes setup and breakdown.

    - Please be mindful of how much time you need to setup (the space looks amazing as is just consider extra time if you have balloons or other decorations that take time to install).

  • - We provide all food & bar supplies if you use our food and beverage services.

    - We have to know in advance if you want us to provide our own food & bar services.

    - Food and beverage menus are displayed on TV screens behind the bar.

    - The bar area is only available for use by our staff.

    - An event manager is always present to answer any questions and assist with changing games and system inquiries.



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