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Itinerary Day One

Saturday, June 24, 2023:

  • 12 pm: Doors Open for Super VIP’s who are led downstairs in The Den for a lunch and private meet & greet with talent

  • Early Bird Raffle Begins for 1 hour for other patrons who are allowed to enjoy Coexist Floor and Coliseum


  • 1 pm: First raffle is called exclusively for early birds – Announce Giveaway Coexist Floor


  • 2 pm: Tourney Series begins (Smash, DBFighterz OR Tekken, NBA2K, Halo)

  • Smash Bros Ultimate @ Coliseum on Switches

  • Def Jam Fight for NY on The Coexist floor at Trinitron


  • 3pm: Jenga Tournament in The Den

  • Various tables with smaller Jenga sets determine finalist who will play large scale Jenga on Main Stage


  • 4pm: Live Maid Performance

  • Chekis


  • 5pm: Cosplay Fashion Show on Coexist Floor

  • Opening act: Dancers + 1 Artists to perform

  • Featuring local anime & cosplay designers + cosplayers


  • 6pm: Fighting Game Series Begins

  • Tekken or DBFighterz Begins on The Coliseum

  • NBA2K Begins in Coliseum


  • 7pm: Anime Trivia begins in The Den featuring Any Ani Cards


  • 8pm: Live Music Competition Begins in The Den on Main Stage

  • Challenge introduced to create music for winner of overall game or other preselected game

  • Producer / Composer Battle first

  • Sponsored recording equipment to finalize music in game


  • 9pm: Featured Member Podcasts Panel (each half hour segment)

  • Black Anime podcast on Main Stage

  • Beats & Sip takes Main Stage


  • 10pm: Karaoke Idol

  • Live Signups with Judges Panel


  • Indie Game Showcase announced - Coexist Floor + Citadel (total game entries 15)

  • Games displayed on screens with polls and QR codes active for community voting.

  • Community will play games and determine the following winners for the following categories: Best Narrative, Best Music in Game, Best Animation, Best Overall Game

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards | Pay Online
- Pay at the door | Walk-Ins

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