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Coexist Productions

Coexist Productions showcases nuanced activations within the gaming and creator communities by highlighting game development with in-person experiences, meet & greets with favored influencers within the gaming & geek diaspora, panels & talks with the developers, designers, and creators themselves.

Genshin Impact Summer Festival

Coexist Productions produced the official 2- Day Summer Festival for the number 1 mobile game in the world with over 100 million users worldwide. With a little more than 20,000, the gaming community began eagerly lining up in full cosplay at 3AM in front of the World Trade Center, it was a sign to behold for the city of NY.

SHAQ Eye Gear Ribbon Cutting

Celebrating the launch of Shaq Eye Gear glass brand at the Coexist GameHouse brand was one for the books. There were over 1000 Guests, lines out the door the entirety of the event, a fashion show and special guests from the NY Times, Washington Post & CNet.

SAMSUNG Gear VR Launch Party

It was one for the books! Bringing Samsung to the Coexist community at Jump Into The Light in NYC. From gamified line outside the door to retro gaming and tournaments, if it weren't for the video, we might still questons its reality!

NBA2K Draft

With 300 VIP’s at the Coexist GameHouse, located in Midtown NYC, steps from Times Square, 15 Million viewers witness the high level production where hopefuls received drafted contracts as competitive gamers.Notable guests included: Jadakiss, Lola Brooks, Aerial Powers, NBA Commissioner & more

E.L.F. Product Launch

An exclusive New York City activation with a room of influencers with over over 40 million followers collectively had this activation bursting with vim! What an exciting product launch with Streamer Loser Fruit, Paidia Gaming, the Coexist Creator Program and E.L.F.!

Excedrin Mindfulness Panel

The magic and the WELLNESS was in the air as we hosted an influencer studded panel with award winning moderator, and a live audience over mindfulness in gaming. The impressions both digitally and IRL were genuinely felt.

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