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Thank you so much for wanting to attend the Coexist GameHouse!
We offer a membership that allows free entry to various events from comedy nights to music shows, classes, workshops, seminars, mixers and more. But if you want to just check the space out for a day and play over 25K free-to-play games, you can opt for a day pass by clicking here!
If you purchased a Groupon, please see instructions below.

* If you purchased a Groupon, the actual Groupon will be scanned and redeemed when you arrive to the Coexist GameHouse location, not on (this) our website.

STEP ONE: Once you have purchased your desired Groupon, Step One details are as follows:

• The items above are covering the tax for the Groupon that you purchased.
• If you have purchased a Groupon birthday party, the $20 is just for the tax.
• If you chose one (1) single Groupon or several single entry Groupons, then you need to purchase tax for the total number of Groupons that you have purchased. For example, if you bought five (5) Groupons, you will select five (5) Groupon Single entries and pay the total for the tax ($10).

STEP TWO: Once you have paid the tax affiliated with the Groupon you purchased, the next step is as follows:
• Visit (or simply click the Events tab) and select the day you are interested in attending.
• There is a Groupon option under the Day Pass, you will choose this. If you have a code, you can provide it in the designated slot or you can have your Groupon scanned upon arrive at the front desk.

Please see details regarding the different Groupon options above:
1. The Groupon birthday party option essentially gives you ten (10) PRO memberships for one day. This means that you (and your guests if you chose to pass it to the other 9 people) receive membership benefits for that day only. The pro membership gives you free entry and a plus one (1) and one (1) free member drink*. That means with the purchase of the Groupon birthday party, you actually get to invite 20 people total, because you now have 10 guests that have memberships which means each of those guests can bring a plus one or you can simply invite 19 guests (20 including yourself). The 10 guests that essentially have a single day memberships (including yourself) will receive a complementary member drink or you receive 10 member drinks. You also get to bring a birthday cake if you'd like considering there's no outside food or beverage but bringing a birthday cake is a member of privilege and a section is reserved for you and your guests. When you think about it it's very much a steal for only $500. Here's a recap of what the birthday party entails:
• Up to 20 guests including yourself enter and have access to unlimited gaming, unlimited time (during business hours)
• You receive up to 10 complimentary drinks (mixed drinks or virgin slushees or carbonated beverages; this does not include house drinks or specialty cocktails)
• You are allowed to bring a birthday cake without the cake cutting fee
• Reserved section for your guests
• Reservations are required to redeem the Groupon and email confirmation will be sent and an affiliate calendar invite.

2. The Groupon single entry essentially cut our day pass price in half. The day pass is $20 for unlimited gaming, unlimited time. The Groupon allows you to pay less and still receive access to all of the free to play games and anything happening in the GameHouse that is not private. You are able to go to our calendar of events and select the Groupon option under the single day pass for any day that you desire. Click here to see those visit those events.

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