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Terms & Conditions

  Coexist GameHouse Event Contract

This agreement (“Agreement”) between the “Client”, and Coexist Gaming (“Vendor”) for a partnered “Event(s)” on the dates listed on the Vendor calendar.


Client wishes to engage Vendor to provide, and Vendor agrees to provide such services for Client in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. While itinerary is provided, Vendor reserves the right to modify any components without notice according to own discretion and Client can visit the website and contact the Vendor regarding any discrepansies.


Contracted Package

Includes use of the Coexist GameHouse and respective area as designated by Coexist Gaming staff for the event. In the event there are private events in specific areas and floors, there may be areas that are prohibited from use during the Coexist GameHouse events in which case, guests will only have access to designated area during the designated Client event hours. Any additional services/products requested by the Client incurred by Vendor will be billed directly to client at cost.

Event(s) shall begin on specified confirmed dates and shall conclude on specified time and no later. Guests must leave GameHouse designated area promptly upon closing or predetermined time and must be out of the designated area, room or floor no later than designated time according to lounge hours and pre-determined event times. All bar tabs must be closed, personal items, must be collected and everyone must be cleared from specified area, room or floor in preparation for management walkthrough with Client staff and crew to ensure all items are in their original condition and accounted for. A checklist of items will be followed however and damage assessment is not limited to night of walkthrough. Any new discoveries can be brought to Client attention within 5 business days and could incur additional fees for broken, damaged or destroyed items or property or result in cancellation of future events regardless of predetermined or agreed upon contracts for events.

Door Split

The Coexist GameHouse entry fee of $20+ tax will be confiscated first and remaining cost for tickets sales purchased specifically and exclusively for your event, which will be purchased on the Coexist Gaming website, and at the door and selected Eventbrite or any other ticketing platform. Payments will be collected by Coexist Gaming on all mediums outside of Eventbrite and splits from Eventbrite must be remitted no later than 1 week after the payout has been finalized. Ticket prices may vary and Client will receive remuneration from the following tickets after the $20+ tax or otherwise pre-determined entry fee has been established. Any additional parties in attendance because of Coexist Gaming relationships and outreach, are not subject to split and full ticket price according to venue discretion can be purchased on a separate link. Any additional ticketing platforms used, Coexist Gaming must be added as an admin so RSVP's are able to be viewed.


Bar Split

There is no split between the Client and the Vendor for any reason unless otherwise discussed. Client shall not contribute to alcohol and beverages unless otherwise discussed. In the event there is a liquor, beverage or otherwise sponsor provided by Client, revenue splits must be discussed in advance and in writing at least 1 week prior to event date. Additionally, if there is an open card provided to open a tab for guests, a minimum 20% gratuity is required upon closing tab. This includes all sales including but not limited to food, beverage, products, and services placed and purchased on the tab with provided credit card and ID. An id must match the name of the card holder and Client agrees no chargebacks will be made because this is a voluntarily transaction and all items purchased on card, are accepted by the Client and cardholder.



Client shall not receive any portion of sponsorships awarded to Vendor for any reason unless contractually targeted and agreed upon. If any sponsors are secured by Coexist Gaming, there are Zero splits outside of agreed upon door split.


Event dates expire after last event and will not auto-renew. New dates must be discussed at least 2-weeks prior to suggested event date to avoid double-booking.

Coexist Gaming will staff as necessary to ensure efficiency and seamless service during Event. Regarding music and sound only the Coexist GameHouse staff that has been approved is allowed to utilize any of the DJ or sound equipment and the DJ and streaming booth will remain locked during the entirety of an event, unless otherwise approved by ownership. In the event you were interested in hiring the Coexist GameHouse AV, we are more than happy to connect you with our head of sound. There may be additional fees and they must be incurred exclusively by Client and will not be reimbursed or shared with Vendor.


Client is only liable for contracted services completed and fulfilled by Vendor including use of space provided by Vendor.  Client will not be held liable for any services not expressly agreed upon and contained in this Agreement. Client will be held liable only for breaches of this Agreement. 


Cancellation Policy

If Client cancels the Event without advanced notice to Vendor, no portion of the fees paid to the Vendor will be returned.


Postponement Policy

If Client postpones or reschedules the Event, Client shall provide advanced written notice of intention to reschedule or postpone the Event.  Vendor agrees to apply the contracted services including any portion of fees paid to Vendor, i.e., Deposit, for Event to a new date, if available, agreed to by Client and Vendor.  Vendor agrees to waive additional or new charges associated with postponing Event to new date. Vendor shall refund and/or return any fees paid to Vendor including Deposit amount where Client provides advanced notice of intent to change the status of Event from postponement to Cancellation consistent with Cancellation and Postponement Policy.


All parties are excused from performance or contractual obligations contained herein for disruptions, cancellations, or postponement, caused by, whether foreseeable or otherwise, acts of God, natural disasters, acts of Government including, but not limited to, a declaration of national or local emergency, or other events not within the control of the Client or Vendor, i.e. accident, death in the family, illness, pregnancy, or sudden tragic circumstance. Performance of contractual duties shall not be inconsistent with any applicable local laws in effect at the time of performance.


Marketing & Promotions

Coexist Gaming is not responsible for marketing or promoting any partnered events and will do so upon the discretion of the event. Additionally, any digital or otherwise promotions that do not meet Coexist Gaming guidelines (which can vary and are determined by the leadership team) will not be post on any social or otherwise platforms. If digital flyers or other promotional materials are desired that meet guidelines, additional fees may occur and once content is created, there is an allocation of at least one week to post.



The Wifi in The Den is a work in progress as it is below ground and surrounded by concrete. We cannot be responsible for a lack of connectivity due to commercial infrastructure o the building. Please bear with us as we work to strengthen the non-hard wired signals. Additionally, all guests are subject to company policies regarding entry to the Coexist GameHouse. We reserve the right to refund any guests using managerial discretion without cause. There is no form of discrimination tolerant. All guests who are not members, must pay the door fee to be permitted entry unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. There are no exceptions.



Payments can be submitted with two weeks but attempts are made to provide no later than 1 full week after all payouts have been finalized via the Vendor website. Door fees will be assessed and paid out no later than 1 week of event end for active members. Door fees will be tabulated at the end of the store day and totals calculated by the next business day and will be disbursed to members which includes staff who are actively employed at Coexist Gaming. If the Client is no longer in good standing with the company, there will be no reimbursements of funds. Payment disbursement is also subject to the condition the Coexist GameHouse was left in, and will not under any circumstances be distributed if there is loss of Coexist Gaming property, damages to inventory, defamation or libel to staff, inappropriate behavior or breech of any company policies or breech of or intention to breech company payment agreement where all guests using link or agreed upon links for guest payment are not adhered to.

Damage or Loss of Accessories

Client agrees to exercise all due care in caring for and preserving the property of Vendor. Clients shall remain responsible for all loss or damage to rentals, made themselves and/or their guests up to and including actual replacement value for each missing or damaged item per cost. There is no smoking whatsoever and it is the responsibility of the Vendor to ensure no guests are smoking. In the event, there is smoking, Vendor reserved the right to cancel event immediately, provide no refunds whatsoever and forfeit future events. If the sprinklers are triggered by any guests that is affiliated with the Client and/or affiliate leaks because of smoke, Client will incur all fees assessed, cost of damages and repairs without question.


Payment Schedule and Method

For your convenience, payment will be made by Zelle Quick Pay depending on banking entity, Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal.

Note: Paypal incurs an additional 3% charge by PayPal that may be charged directly to client .


Appropriate Conduct/ Safe Working Environment

The Client(s) expressly agree(s) to take best efforts to provide Vendor and Vendor’s staff with safe and appropriate working conditions. In the event of circumstances deemed by either [Vendor] or a bystander to present a threat or implied threat of injury or harm to [Vendor] staff or equipment, the [Vendor] reserves the right to cancel all services remaining under this Agreement and leave the event. At the [Vendor]’s discretion, the [Vendor] may enact a three-strike policy. After the first offense, the [Vendor] will make reasonable efforts to notify the Client(s) or a responsible party. If the Client(s) is/can respond to the threatening situation in a reasonable amount of time (maximum of 15 minutes), [Vendor] shall resume work in accordance with the original terms of this Agreement. If the threatening behavior occurs for a second time, the Client(s) will agree to remove the offending person for the remainder of the event. If the behavior occurs a third time, the [Vendor] will immediately leave the event. If the [Vendor] leaves the event early due to any offending behavior, the Client(s) expressly agree to relieve and hold Vendor harmless because of incomplete event coverage, or for a lapse in the quality of the [Vendor’s] work, and the Client(s) shall be responsible for payment in full. Vendor agrees not to stand on or have guests stand on any furniture or any surface that is not the floor/ground at any point at the Coexist GameHouse. Behavior that is determined too wild or excessive will cause early terminated of event without alteration of agreed upon terms and potential cancellation of all future events.

Client must provide Vendor with signature and photocopy of a state ID, driver’s license or passport and a copy of his credit card both front and back to secure event date.

Payment Methods
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