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Our resident superheros, our team is comprised of engineers, artists, gamers and brilliant minds who have build a community based marketplace for growth. By curating inclusive gaming experiences where tournaments are won, educational workshops are taught, wellness is highlighted and talent is celebrated, coexisting has become a resident art-form. With such unique vantage points as both creatives and analytical minds, they capture the gamer's need to be social gaming while preserving the integrity of the gamer's experience. Created by gamers for gamers, whether you identify as a pro, casual, hard-core gamer or not one at all, no one is left behind within the Coexist vortex. Coexisting is an art, and it starts right here.


Jaye (Letta J)

Co-Founder & CEO of Coexist Gaming. Gamer.

Artistically known as Letta J. Grammy Nominated.

Recording Artist. Songwriter. Author. Film Maker. Afro-Latina. Executive Chef.

Wine Enthusiast. Foodie. Leftie. Tatted.

Humble Smart Ass. Creator. Curator. Educator. Activist.


Daniel (Sem)

  • SoundCloud - Grey Circle

Co-Founder of Coexist Gaming. Gamer.

ESPORTS Coordinator.

Artistically known as Sem. Emcee. Father.

Music Lover. Afro-Latino.

Brooklyn Native.

Movie Buff. XBox fanatic. Film Enthusiast.

Ghetto Historian. Margarita Snob. Taco aficionado.

Lover of Tequila & Mezcal.



Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Decoy Games.

All Around Gamer.

Award Winning Game Developer. Philanthropist. Boston Raised. Celtics Lifer. Pro-Soccer player in another life.

Infrequent Anime Spectator. Hoodie lover.

1/2 Island boi. Jamaica.




Former CEO of Crypto / Blockchain company. Successful Exit.

Resident Parisian. Smart Ass. Philanthropist. NFT Innovator. Tree Hugger. Lover of all things environment and green. Including money.

Vagabond. Appreciator of all things culture. Loyal friend. Almost gamer.


Danny and Jaye's respective love for video game culture and eye for detail coupled with branding and meticulous proficiency at devising strategy, epitomizes their art at coexisting. Collectively they have accumulated a video game empire of over 4000 games, created the largest gaming community in NYC, built multi-adapter retro arcade systems and created an ecosystem through gaming where inclusion and positivity are the foundation of what COEXIST Gaming is built on.